Thursday, June 21, 2007

Federation of Gay Games

Federation of Gay Games
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Federation of Gay Games

The Federation of Gay Games ensures that the Gay Games offers participants the opportunity to express themselves openly and to experience camaraderie and validation through sport and culture.

In 1980, Dr. Tom Waddell, a 1968 Olympic decathlete, led a group of San Francisco residents including Mark Brown and Paul Mart in conceiving the event now known as the Gay Games. Tom dreamed of a sporting event based on the philosophy that "doing one's personal best should be the paramount goal in any athletic endeavor."

San Francisco Arts & Athletics (SFAA) was incorporated and supervised the logistics of both Gay Games I and II. Tom Waddell lost his battle with AIDS and died in July 1987, less than a year after Gay Games II, but his legacy was assured as the inspiration for future Gay Games. The SFAA board of directors, which included Tom's widow Sara Waddell Lewinstein, took steps to enlarge its membership beyond the Bay Area and in 1989 changed its name to the Federation of Gay Games.
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