Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science CSISS

Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science CSISS

Social & Behavioral Sciences

CSISS is founded on the principle that analyzing social phenomena in space and time enhances our understanding of social processes. Hence, CSISS cultivates an integrated approach to social science research that recognizes the importance of location, space, spatiality, and place.

The goal of CSISS is to integrate spatial concepts into the theories and practices of the social sciences by providing infrastructure to facilitate: (1) the integration of existing spatial knowledge, making it more explicit, and (2) the generation of new spatial knowledge and understanding. (Description provided by CSISS

This site provides free bibliographic databases and literature search features, learning resources, e-journals, bibliographies, and other spatial resources for the social sciences, spatial tools and software, bibliographies and publications related to spatial methods and their use in the social sciences, and custom search engines to find spatial analysis resources on the Internet.

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